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About the Symposium

6th Nassau-Argonne International Mössbauer Symposium

January 13-14, 2011

Nassau Community College, Garden City, New York, 11530-6793




The 6th Nassau-Argonne International Mössbauer Symposium will be held on January 13-14, 2011 in Nassau Community College, Garden City, New York. This conference traditionally brings scientists from North America together, but it is open to international participants.


This years meeting will be dedicated to Dr. Gopal Shenoy of Argonne National Laboratory on his 70th birthday. He will be the guest of honor at the meeting.


Mössbauer Spectroscopy technique is now a mature analytical tool used by many different disciplines including, chemistry, physics, biology, geology, mineralogy, soil science, materials science and archeology. Since the discovery of the eponymous technique in 1958, and the ensuing Nobel Prize to Rudolf Mössbauer in 1961, there are over 60 thousand publications. The technique has a lot new to offer to the scientific community at large: the availability of five synchrotron radiation sources with dedicated beamlines to nuclear resonant scattering providing newer avenues of research, several new “in-beam” facilities with radioactive beams to implant parent isotopes, and two spectrometers gathering data on the surface of the Mars, a very active laboratory based community busy with newly discovered iron pnictide superconductors, new opportunities in Li ion battery work, and a host of issues to deal with in environmental and biological research.


We are confident that with its unique depth and breadth, Mössbauer spectroscopy will continue to provide detailed understanding of physical, chemical, biological, and geological processes, earthly and extra-terrestrial alike. We hope to bring researchers from these diverse fields together for a 2 days symposium, and provide a chance to meet with each other in an informal setting.







Dr. Clive Wynter (Nassau Community College)                     

Dr. Esen Ercan Alp (Argonne National Laboratory)              

Dr. Ravi Kukkadapu (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory)          

Dr. Virender Sharma, (Florida Institute of Technology)       




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